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From Toddlers to Kids, Holiday Fund helps LPMP Serve Literacy Providers Throughout the Community

A generous grant of $35,000 from The Almanac Holiday Fund gives Literacy Partners – Menlo Park (LPMP) the opportunity throughout 2024 to partner with outstanding community providers to offer literacy services throughout our community.

This donation will enable LPMP to select and work with our partners to enhance existing and create essential new literacy programs for children and adults. With this generous donation, LPMP can empower more people to improve their literacy skills, open opportunities, and generally build brighter futures.

LPMP carefully selects various organizations to receive grants from our donors, including The Almanac Holiday Fund, while providing the vetting all our donors welcome. This careful process ensures that literacy dollars are spent wisely and efficiently in the local Menlo Park area community, where surprisingly some 43 percent of third graders do not read at grade level, and many adults, often recently arrived in the area, do not yet have the English and related skills they need to fully realize their potential to be productive. With help from LPMP and its supporters such as the Almanac Holiday Fund, the learning, opportunity and productivity gap can be improved to benefit everyone. 

“The Embarcadero Media Foundation, provider of the Almanac Holiday Fund, has been vital for decades for LPMP to carry on and continue to extend our vision as we grow and mature our mission. The support will have a profound impact on our mission to promote literacy in our community.

“The Embarcadero Media Foundation has been vital for LPMP to carry on and continue to extend our vision as we grow and mature our mission, and we are grateful to you and your generous donors who make this fund so robust. Thanks also to the Almanac and its sister publications for the invaluable high quality information they provide day in and day out to our broad community”, said Mike Goodkind, the President of LPMP.

Literacy Partners — Menlo Park board members Heriberto Madrigal and Margaret Simmons, a longtime Bay Area educator and volunteer leader, examine display of children’s books at Belle Haven Library. Photo By Mike Goodkind.

Current and recent LPMP recipients include: East Palo Alto Kids (; All Five (; JobTrain (; StreetCode (; Ravenswood Classroom Partners (; Menlo Park Public Library (

For more information or to support Literacy Partners - Menlo Park, please click here.


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