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Grant Recipient All Five to Implement Seeds of Learning Model

Literacy Partners — Menlo Park (LPMP) announces it has issued a $25,000 grant to All Five of Menlo Park in use of The Seeds of Learning model. The grant will enable funding for an additional teacher to learn and disseminate a literacy learning model of cognitive processing at All Five’s early childhood education program.

Photo courtesy All Five

During the course of the year, several lead teachers will begin assessment of the model’s practices and understanding of cognitive function in speech and learning. Leads will then participate in learning the model and incorporate into All Five’s classrooms for children that need improvement to better thrive at their potential. On a weekly basis, lesson plans will incorporate model content, with the goal of measured student outcome at 95% Integrating rating for a 5yr old (Desired Results Developmental Profile assessment).

$25,000 grant will be used to incorporate weekly lesson plans based upon the Seeds of Learning Model

At the end of the year, All Five will share it’s insights with the broader community. LPMP looks forward to hearing about the learnings and performance results in the classrooms. LPMP has provided this funding as it supports our mission in empowering programs addressing the literacy needs of the community. For more information on our organization or how you can help, reach out to us at

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