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EPAK Receives Third Annual Grant for Educator Micro Grants Program

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

For the third straight year, Literacy Partners — Menlo Park (LPMP), has provided a $15,000 grant to support the Educator Micro Grants Program provided through East Palo Alto Kids Foundation (EPAK).

This innovative program allows teachers in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven schools to apply for grants to provide vital resources that with tight budgets would otherwise not be possible, said Nisha Pillar, President of the EPAK Board of Directors. Teachers in the 3,500 student district can apply for up to two $750 grants annually under the program, funded in part by LPMP and its donors.

Examples of grants include class field trips, materials for class science experiments, books for classroom libraries, art supplies and individual student white boards. In the Ravenswood City School District, more than 90 percent of students qualify for free and reduced lunches and 72 per cent speak English as a second language. LPMP's support will supply 20 grants that will serve more than 500 students in the Ravenswood District and public charter schools.

"Literacy Partners is proud to support and also increase public awareness of EPAKs innovative program that empowers teachers to provide enhancements to their students," said Mike Goodkind, LPMP: President. "The Micro Grant Program brings to more students educational tools, such as field trips, enrichments which students in other areas of our community may take for granted," he added.

The LPMP grant from generous members of the community "gives educators the power and flexibility to address their students' most pressing needs," Pillar wrote in thanking LPMP for the most recent grant on Aug. 2, 2023. "EPAK fulfills teachers' requests by putting funds straight into their hands."

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